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Honoy ( Hongkong) Co. Ltd is a dynamic lighting enterprises, Honoy ( Hongkong) and ZhongshanHenglan Town Honoy  lighting electrical appliance factory in Zhongshan set up a production base. Company focused on home furnishing related lighting products and systems.
In home furnishing lighting field, Huo Lang has a keen sense of touch, grasp the international and the most popular element, the accommodation of eastern culture and Western culture and the best part, has a unique position in the design concept.
Our company has developed a line of products are: Modern Art Hall lamp series, aluminum acrylic plate lamp series, special-shaped acrylic ceiling lamp, traditional acrylic bread lamp, pendant lamp series, modern modern floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, mirror front lamp series. Product line covers a modern home furnishing lighting all kinds of applications, to meet consumer demand for the full range of lighting and decoration.
" Beautiful, comfortable and healthy " is the brand to the intrinsic value of customers and consumers. The company is committed to build Honoy into a new totem industry, become "the field of home furnishing lighting benchmarking enterprises ".
The company has a team spirit, rigorous and efficient operation. Honoy to the vision of internationalization, production and marketing system for intensive and meticulous farming, fashion, simplicity, humanistic, products and high quality service for the customers at home and abroad.
Honoy look forward to working with customers to create, share, and win-win future!

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