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One, join 8 support Honoy ( worry-free operation, easy profit )
1, provide competitive advantage products: strong product portfolio and resource guarantee
2, new product: guarantee regularly every two months to launch at least 20 new products
3, design support: store design to provide professional, terminal image standardization, create a terminal with a sales force
4, to provide customized products: new style and marketing information, and according to customer needs customized non-standard products
5, training; to provide free professional product knowledge, sales skills training management knowledge training formal
6, operation guide: inspection supervision of the store, to ensure the sustainable development of store construction
7, regional protection; exclusive agency in the market range
8, reward: reward outstanding franchisee, when purchase franchisees to achieve certain purchase standards, the implementation of return policy
Two, join conditions
1, a good reputation and business ethics;
2, the corresponding operating funds;
3, knowledge and grade on the lighting, willing to accept business Huo Lang products, advanced management idea and the management thought of Holan;
4, hold to join the legal business license, has not yet joined the business in the area;
Three, to join the way
Welcome to call or visit the company negotiate the marketing department.
Four, join the interest
1, enjoy the exclusive regional brand resources, high value-added image agent, intangible resources;
2, enjoy the support of huge system, with you to establish strategic cooperative partnership, profit sharing, common development, together to maintain the healthy development of the market;
3, enjoy the most preferential price, high returns;
4, learn the monopoly management experience, advanced marketing, brand promotion and other business essence

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