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Honoy lighting products after sale service details
1, objective
Clearly the company customer service service policy and the return goods judgment and processing standard, guide the staff to carry out confirmation after sale service and return goods work, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.
2, applicable
scopeConfirmation is suitable for lighting products after sale service and returned goods.
3, the definition of
3.1 product quality problem: due to product design, manufacturing process, packaging and other causes of the product is not working properly, or installed in the warranty period in the process of the use function failure, a security exception products;
3.2 non - product quality problems: not because of product quality problems and return. Such as: the product is slow-moving, customers order the wrong goods, against the payment, have warranty period, transport damage, customer specific requirements to rework products.
4, return service rules
Confirm 4.1 retreat goods
( 1 ) the dealer according to the details of the requirements to carry out confirmation, in line with the company return policy requirements, according to " retreat ( change ) application form " for goods return formalities;
( 2 ) the final confirmation of the return quantity of products to distributors to return the company inventory after the two sides confirmed quantity as final.
Treatment measures 4.2 return goods
The company will according to the specific circumstances of the return of goods for processing are as follows:
Offsetting payment: the company will return to really amount included in the dealer account to offset other delivery payment.
4.3 product warranty period
( 1 ) light:
The T6 loop, H plug pipe, 2D pipe:
The end customer warranty period of 12 months, the dealer turnover period of 3 months, according to the product production date. The company to the dealer warranty period is 15 months.
( 2 ) appliances
Electronic ballast is guaranteed for 24 months;
4.4 after sale service processing rules
( 1 ) appliances:
Electronic ballast in the warranty period appear quality problem, the company according to the principles of 1:1 make the equivalent or offset the lighting products of equal value to the payment, a warranty products do not deal with.
( 2 ) light:
A, the confirmation of the tube caused problems, customer return tube, however, tube must have the company logo, date of production, in the warranty period, the company according to the principles of 1:1 compensation equivalent lighting products;
B, in the transport process caused by the breakage of the lamp tube, according to the principles of 1:1 compensation equivalent lighting products; the lamp must be stamped with the company's trademark plastic head and power ( not yellow );
( 3 ) mask class:
The lamp shade damaged during transport, all acrylic lampshade according to 1:1 principle compensation equivalent lighting products; requirements without any stain shade, discoloration and other phenomena, does not meet the requirements, if the dealer returns, special circumstances according to the company, waste treatment, can be resolved through consultation.
( 4 ) other parts:
Other accessories ( such as buckle, turnbuckle, pipe clamp and screw ) in the use of process quality problems, can put forward to the company to apply for dispensing accessories.
4.5 dealers are not satisfied with the company's customer service service, to reflect, to negotiate.
4.6 dealers bad product return principle 2 months at a time, special circumstances may apply to the company headquarters.

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